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Suprema BioStar2 Basic AC with T&A Software License


  • Product Highlights

  • License From: Suprema Official
  • Visitor Management: Supported
  • Max. Door: 20 Supported
  • Number of Users: 500
  • Flexible System Architecture
  • Video Logs:  Support
  • Optimal Access Control Solution
  • Flexible Time & Attendance Management Solution
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T&A Basic License 

Items Basic (Free)
TA License
Number of Schedules 1 Unlimited
Number of Users per Schedule 99 Unlimited

T&A Standard License 

Items Basic (Free)
TA Standard
Number of Shifts Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Schedules 1 Unlimited
Number of Users per Schedule 500 Unlimited
Shift Type Fixed, Flexible Fixed, Flexible
Time Card Supported Supported
Number of Leaves per User Unlimited Unlimited
Calendar View Supported Supported

When upgrading to BioStar 2.7.7 and a Time Attendance license is already in use, it will be replaced by a Professional license.

AC License 

Max. User Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Max. Device 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000
Max. Door* 5 20 50 100 300 1,000
Zone Supported Supported Supported Supported
Elevator Supported Supported Supported
Server Matching Supported Supported Supported
Cloud Supported Supported Supported Supported
Local API Server Supported Supported Supported Supported
Max. Mobile Card 250 500 1,000 Unlimited

Suprema BioStar2-BAS BioStar 2 Basic Software License, 6~20 Doors


Additionally, Suprema’s BioStar2-BAS is an access control and time & attendance software license that supports 6 to 20 doors. Moreover, BioStar 2 is an open, web-based security platform with a comprehensive range of features. Furthermore, it utilizes a modular and flexible framework that supports the BioStar 2 Device SDK and web APIs to seamlessly integrate with third-party systems. Moreover, the mobile app for BioStar 2 is specifically designed for remote platform control and convenient mobile card issuance.

Visitor Management

Supports for application and approval of visits and set up visitable areas using the Visitor Management Portal.

Flexible System Architecture

Supports both centralized and distributed systems and can thereby provide the optimal system.

Optimal Access Control Solution

This system offers a complete range of access control features, including door/elevator/zone control, graphic mapping, server matching, video and image logging, as well as an audit trail.

Flexible Time & Attendance Management Solution

You have the ability to establish different work regulations, produce customized time and attendance reports, and view a timesheet calendar. Additionally, you can set fixed, flexible, or floating shifts.

Video Logs Support

Any event that occurs at a door is recorded with an NVR and IP camera and can be monitored.

Remote Control and Mobile Cards

The BioStar 2 Mobile app offers user registration, real-time alarm, and door control features, along with support for mobile card authentication.

System Integration Support

Supports both platform integration based on RESTful Web APIs and SDK-based hardware integration (BioStar 2 API, BioStar 2 Device SDK).

When upgrading to BioStar 2.6 from versions 2.5 or lower, any AC Standard license being used will be replaced by an Advanced license.

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